Importance of blood donation
Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions. (W.H.O.)
In fact, you don't need a special reason to give blood. You just need your own reason.
  • For many, it's a noble cause. It helps save lives.
  • Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood some day.
  • Some believe it is the right thing we do. They believe in deeds rather than in words.
  • Someday, you or a loved one could be in a situation where you need a lifesaving unit of blood.
What ever the reasons of someone donating blood,  it saves many lives. Many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood. And  you’ll feel good knowing you've helped change a life. As you sit in the donation couch, you realize how lucky you are to be healthy. Your health is a gift that you are bestowing on someone who needs some of your liquid awesome to survive.
In Mauritius,  some 150 pints or more  are needed everyday to treat patients and whose lives depend on the community.
 Blood transfusion is needed for:
► women with complications of pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancies and haemorrhage before, during or after childbirth;
► children with severe anaemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition;
► people with severe trauma following man-made and natural disasters; and
many complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients.
► It is also needed for regular transfusions for people with conditions such as thalassaemia and sickle cell disease and is used to make products such as clotting factors for people with haemophilia.
"There is a constant need for regular blood supply because blood can be stored for only a limited time before use. Regular blood donations by a sufficient number of healthy people are needed to ensure that safe blood will be available whenever and wherever it is needed."(W.H.O.)
There is no substitute for blood. Nor is it  manufactured. Only  a human body can manufacture  this magic, precious liquid. With an ageing population, more advanced life-saving medical procedures, more blood will be needed every year. Blood Bank needs more young people (over the age of 17) to start giving blood, so we can make sure we have enough blood in the future. 17 years old can also give with parent consent.
You May Improve Your Own Health
►Donating blood in fact comes with some health benefits for you. (see above picture)
►Donating blood can reduce your risk of developing harmful iron stores, reduce your risk of developing certain cancers, and reduce your risk of having a heart attack by 82% to 88%. It lowers your bad cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, it reduces or controls your high blood pressure. It helps controlling the free radicals.
You are alive.  Others are fighting for their lives. Your blood  will give them  the right to live and putting a ssmile in a person's life. I know it will be like creating a miracle for  an accident's victim, a child, a Thalassemic patient, a cancer patient and so on. If you’ve never donated blood, there’s a first time for everything. Don't find excuses. "Excuses will always be there for you. Opportunity won't ! ".